Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Icing


This is just a dark chocolate cake made from a mix. It’s good, but the main thing I wanted to do with this was make a belated-birthday cake for a friend. I didn’t want to just do a regular buttercream, so I made a raspberry buttercream. I made two cakes, and used red food dye to darken it, and have it be the center filling. The grey-ish icing is raspberry as well, just darkened with black dye. The design on the top was dyed string icing, and though it’s messy, I feel like it made the image more realistic.

20150609_092943   20150609_093636

This cake is based off the character Alphonse Elric, from the anime Full Metal Alchemist. To make a long story short, his soul was bound to a giant suit of armor using the symbol on the cake, drawn in blood. The details are graphic, so I won’t go into them here, but given the situation in the show, I thought that rather than the nice, relatively clean symbol in the above link, it would’ve been more harried, and a bit messier.

20150609_102324   20150609_151418   20150609_152956

In the end, the icing was much sweeter than I would’ve liked. In the future, I’ll try cutting down on the amount of powdered sugar I put in, and see what fresh raspberries would do for the taste.


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