Chocolate-Banana Cake


I gave in and bought a trio of mini springform pans recently. I’d had my eye on them at Target for a while, and finally gave in and decided to do something with them. I didn’t make the cupcakes, though I did use the banana buttercream recipe.

20150804_095341 20150804_100458 20150804_104102

The chocolate mini-cakes came out wonderfully (I didn’t take photos, but the top parts I cut off became a lovely whoopie-pie), though I finally came to the frustrating conclusion that no matter what, the next time I want to decorate a cake, I need to buy a lazy susan (or put something together that fulfills the same purpose. That, and I need to start doubling my icing recipe when I know I’m going to be decorating as well as coating.

20150804_120210 20150804_161659 20150804_161742 20150804_153503

Overall, I was still quite pleased with how it turned out – a lovely little chocolate banana cake.


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