Blackberry Cake with Lemon Buttercream

So, I know it’s corny, but the reason I made this was because  – I kid you not – it came to me in a dream. Which, as far as dreams go, hanging out with a buddy in a bakery, and just remembering there was a blackberry cake with lemon buttercream isn’t that bad.


Admittedly, all I did as fold blackberries into a white cake mix (most recipes were calling for coffee cakes, or simply putting the berries on top, or – in one case – instructing me to add blackberry gelatin mix to the batter), but it came out alright. In the future, I think I’ll cut them in half. They simply sank to the bottom of the pans, and only turned out so nicely because it was a two-layer cake, and thus gave the berries some spacing throughout each piece.

The icing was simply a buttercream with lemon juice added, but it gave a nice, tart burst to the cake. Unfortunately, the berries were a tad overshadowed by it, and the cake’s base flavor. I may add either flavoring to the icing, or to the cake, next time. Also, this is tentatively the last time I’m going to do this particular type of flower for a while. While it’s certainly nice, I tend to default to them for decoration (fall colors, this time), and one purpose of this blog is to push myself to do something I’m not already OK at.

And yes, the flowers are two different sizes, if only because I recently bought a larger icing nail, and wanted to see how it would do. The answer is, better when I relaxed, and let the petals flare open more, as with the top-center flower.

Still, I had to make this. The dream angle made it too good to pass up.


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