Scarlet O’Hara Cake

Cake, Sweets

For Thanksgiving this year, I volunteered my skills for the dessert portion of the meal, and made a cranberry cake, with Southern Comfort buttercream icing. It was based off her favorite drink, and my first mistake was assuming I could get away with making it a couple days early, and finishing it the day of.



It was a simple recipe, though my first mistake was assuming I’d be able to split it into two, and treat it like a filled cake. The first attempt ended up baking a bit drier than I’d wanted, and fell apart quite easily. It tasted good, but needed another bake.

My wife helped me look over the original recipe, and suggested removing a cup of sugar, and adding some milk as well. That, and baking it in one pan had it come out perfectly.

The buttercream was easy enough – a standard recipe, with a few tablespoons of Southern Comfort in for taste.


It ended up with a good balance of sweet and tart, to me, though in the future, I’d be interested about adding lime to the mix (as originally, I’d thought the namesake was simply cranberry and Southern Comfort).IMG_0487