Banana Macarons

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To push myself a bit further this holiday season, I decided to make macarons with an Italian meringue, rather than common, this time around.


I will admit, I was a bit intimidated by it, as the only experience I had with it prior was at a restaurant that made them in batches of 1,000 or so at a time. On a smaller scale, however, it was a much smoother experience than I thought it would.


The only irritation was having to keep a close eye on the candy thermometer, and be completely ready to go at the exact moment. In the end, it did result in a prettier, much more uniform macaron shell.


As for the filling, I used the Drunken Monkey  jam from The Jam Stand – bananas, rum, and lime. It was runnier than I thought (though it firmed up when I left them in the fridge), so it definitely wouldn’t be something to keep around for hours and hours at room temp. Also, I found that after a couple days, the shells became very soft, due to the moisture of the jam. Certainly not a bad thing, after maybe a week in the fridge (though from what I understand, that’s about the extent you want to keep macarons in a fridge anyway) they weren’t as chewy as I’d have liked.


The garnish   was a simple whipped cream recipe, just with a splash of bourbon to add some flavor. I was surprised that it managed to hold its form for over a full day before I need to re-whip it. It was a good flavor, but I figure that in the future, something with a more neutral flavor profile would make it pop a bit more.


Icewine Macarons

Cookies, Sweets

I know I’ve made macarons in the past, but this was somewhat inspired by a dream (and also the fact that my wife adores icewine truffles). The dream itself was strange, and dreams tend to be, but the more important thing is that these are the best shells I’ve made to date (usually I didn’t get such a nice dome).

I used a French meringue, as with my previous macarons, and I chose blue and purple because I wanted to try and have a “frostberry” theme with the finished product.

Honestly, the most difficult part was the truffle filling, in that it was, at first, underwhelming in taste. The ice wine flavor wasn’t truly noticeable until the next day.