Lemon Meringue Pie

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Last week I made a lemon meringue pie – the first I’d ever made! Rather than the classic meringue, however, I substituted Italian, which turned out quite nice.

The only issue I ran into was when I made a mistake with the meringue, and had to run to the store to grab more eggs. While the recipe said to keep the filling warm, I didn’t think anything of storing it in the fridge while I did so – and ran into the issue of the pie becoming watery as the days went on.

From what I read online, if the filling is kept warm, the heat will filter through the meringue easily, as opposed to re-heating it from cold.

On the plus side, the large star tip I used added a nice flair to the finished pie.



Bee-Sting Cake


I was quite pleased with how all this came out (following the instructions here) , as I’ve never made brioche dough before, or custard. It was nice to take a break from decorating (which requires a level of finesse I’m still working on).

The dough itself was rich and buttery, and that alone would be good for rolls, and the sweetness was more mild than most desserts. Really, I wouldn’t mind making this again, but leaving the custard out. I suspect it would make for a wonderful breakfast.

Royal Icing and Shortbread


I’m a tad embarrassed its been so long since my last post. Things at work have been rather crazy as of late, and plans for a friend’s wedding are finally settling down, so hopefully my days off won’t be quite as packed.

Anyways, these were something I saw on a YouTube video. I still need some more practice getting fine details down, as well as decorating with royal icing, but I enjoyed how they turned out nonetheless.

The more colorful cookies were because I’d had some of the icing left, and figured, hey, why not?




Chocolate-Dusted Banana Cream Pie


This week was a new experience for me, as I’ve never actually made a pie before. I’d actually been planning on making banana bread, or some type of banana cheesecake, but my wife encouraged me to keep trying something brand-new.


First hiccup – when I’m using a new recipe, especially for something I’ve never attempted, I prefer more instructions, rather than less. As a warning to anyone who may want to use the linked recipe, it is not really beginner-friendly. Most of how to do this (stove heat, whisking time, etc) was found in the comments section.

20150525_203334    20150525_203821

Aside from that, it went off without a hitch. I actually forgot to dip the bananas in lemon juice (though I believe that was intended more to prevent browning than anything else), but aside from that, it came out perfectly.  Rather than coconut, I ended up chopping up the last bit of dark chocolate from the truffles I made for Mother’s Day, and sprinkling them on the Cool Whip. It may seem silly to say, but (probably because I don’t usually eat pie) I was surprised by how sweet it was, though still quite delicious. I was actually worried, given that with my past experiments, I tried to use dark chocolate to offset the sweetness of whatever lay below, which did not happen here. There was a pleasant chocolate taste, yes, but for those with a sweet tooth, this will definitely fulfill it.

20150525_204232    20150525_204425 20150525_204751

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