Carrot Cake

Oddly enough, I’ve never made carrot cake before. I’ve made hummingbird cake, which is similar, but never this extremely classic cake. It was simple enough to make, and turned out quite well. Unfortunately, it was yet another example that getting a perfectly smooth coating of icing is still beyond my reach (for now). The only…

Orange Cinnamon Buns

I still have some hazelnut macarons, and made myself stupid sick on eating fistfuls of caramel, so I figured that if I made a breakfast thing this time, I’d at least eat it slowly enough that I wouldn’t end up feeling like death. It wasn’t as cinnamon-y as I’d hoped, but I was happy with the addition…

Cookie Dough Icing

This was just a chocolate cake for a friend’s birthday – with cookie dough frosting, rather than the usual, with semi-sweet chips all over. The big thing I learned from this, was to weigh my flour, rather than simply measure it. Before that, the icing had come out far too thick (which was used for the filling, in the…

Swirled Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

Recently, I discovered that one could purchase decorating dips individually at the JoAnne’s nearby. I was…unprepared for this discovery, to say the least – and by that, I mean I found myself dancing back and forth through the isles when I saw exactly how many very specific decorating tools they had. I’d been resigned to buying a set of tips that I didn’t really need that had the jumbo tips I actually wanted, and was thrilled beyond belief when I saw I didn’t have to.

Chocolate-Banana Cake

I gave in and bought a trio of mini springform pans recently. I’d had my eye on them at Target for a while, and finally gave in and decided to do something with them. I didn’t make the cupcakes, though I did use the banana buttercream recipe.

Lily-pad Cookies

This week I wanted to try something a little more extravagant than I usually make. The cookies I used don’t actually have any extra sugar top them, something I was quite pleased with. They ended up being very dense, and while folding them, felt more like a brownie than a cookie.

Margarita Cookies

Truth be told, I was a tad wary of this recipe – I’ve tried making cookies from there before, with disappointing results. This time, however, I was quite pleased.

Oreo Cupcakes

I’ve been trying to find more and more uses to use the icing tips, ever since the cake I made a few weeks back, and I decided on this. Though cupcakes are quite easy, there were still some new things to learn. Mainly that when the recipe was instructing me to mix apple cider vinegar…